Friendly Show

The end

December 28, 2023 Adrian Marin & Yaroslav Shmarov Season 1 Episode 10
Friendly Show
The end
Show Notes

Season 1 finale!

Today we talk about:

  • our reflections about 2023 and plans for 2024
  • Rails 8 features

👶Being a young father
✈️visited 5 Ruby events together
🍻met new Ruby friends
🎙️10x FriendlyShow podcast episodes
🎬68 videos & ✍55 blogposts
🥑All-in on AVO

Will there be a Season 2? Let us know if you want one!

  • Build Rails apps 10x faster with AVO
  • Learn RoR 10x faster than Yaro did with SupeRails